Elon Students offered Kaplan GRE prep class – Is it worth it?

by Dalton Cox

Elon students will have the opportunity to take an on-campus preparation course, offered by the company Kaplan Inc. to train students for the Graduate Record Examinations. The course will begin Feb. 18.

The exams, often referred to as the GRE, are an admissions test for graduate and business schools, which may be taken multiple times to achieve one’s best personal score.


According to Elon career advisor for graduate school programs Rene Jackson, the Kaplan course begins with a diagnostics test to determine students’ improvement needs. A main component of the class is teaching students test taking strategy. The Kaplan course may be taken multiple times for no extra charge, if students are unhappy with their GRE scores following the initial course.

“It’s an expensive alternative,” Jackson said. “Not everyone can afford it, but if you can afford to take the class, then I think it’s worth doing.”

Jackson suggests taking the GRE before any preparation to gain a familiarity with the test and determine areas of strength and weakness. A student’s initial score can then be compared to the average score of other students applying to the same graduate or higher education program.

“If they need to bring their scores up five point, then they can probably do that on their own,” Jackson said. “But if they are 15 points below the average score of the people admitted to the same program to which they are applying, then they probably need to think about taking the class.”

Register for the GRE Test Prep Class here. Enter the word CORP10913 for a 10% discount off the regular tuition price.


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