Elon Students to attend Internet Engineering Task Force

by Dalton Cox

Instead of heading to sunny shores this spring break, a group of six Elon University students will be spending March 22-27 at the Internet Engineering Task Force meeting in Dallas.

Janna Anderson
Janna Anderson, photo by Dalton Cox

The triannual meetings of the Internet Engineering Task Force are hosted by different technology organizations, including Google, which will host the March conference. Information sessions in Dallas will cover a wide range of topics from web authorization protocol to Internet congestion control.

Elon students will be collecting research material at the conference by attending sessions and interviewing professionals. This research is a component of Elon’s Imagining the Internet program.

The Imagining the Internet Center is a unique Elon program that began in 2000 with the goal of compiling original research related to the evolution of the Internet. Beginning in 2006, the Center began sending students on global trips to research people’s thoughts about Internet growth in countries such as Korea and Kenya.

Janna Anderson, the director of the Imagining the Internet Center at Elon, is one of two Elon faculty members who will be attending the Internet Engineering Task Force meeting with Elon students.

“They’re talking to engineers who continue to evolve the Internet infrastructure,” Anderson said. “These are the people sitting and discussing how they can make the Interne bigger, better and more accessible across the globe. One of the key goals is to make it so that everyone, everywhere can have Internet.”

Video by Dalton Cox


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