Clinton seems likely Democratic nominee, opinion split on her potential for presidency


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on April 12 in a video released on her new campaign website that she will seek the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential election. Though her nomination as the democratic nominee seems secure, the chance for the Oval Office seems to be anybody’s game.

Jason Husser, an Elon University professor of political science and policy studies, discusses Hillary Clinton’s odds on the road to the U.S. presidency.


“There probably has not ever been a presidential candidate whose record has been sifted through as much as Hillary,” Husser said. “There’s really nothing else to say. It’s almost like her nomination as the Democratic nominee has been a forgone conclusion for months now.”

In February 2015, the Elon Poll asked respondents, Hillary or Jeb Bush for president? Hillary had 46 percent of the respondents support.

“She’ll be successful because she has such a strong movement of women – just happy that a woman’s running – but I know that a lot of people aren’t necessarily happy about her running,” said Julia, an Elon First Year. “So it’s hard to say if she’ll win but I do think that she’ll have a strong movement.”

Julia asked to not provide her last name.

Elon sophomore Hayley Dalton agrees with Julia. She respects Clinton’s progression for women in politics, though she is unsure that Clinton is the presidential candidate for her.

“I think she represents a lot for women in politics, and that I support” I’m more of a conservative, fiscally – socially, not so much,” Dalton said. “I know Governor Chris Christie is thinking about the presidency, and I’m from New Jersey. I think he’s a pretty practical politician.”

Henry Crompton, an Elon senior, predicts Hillary’s failure in her campaign to the White House.

“I don’t think Hillary will be successful at all,” Crompton said. “I don’t think she’s an ideal candidate. It might be because I’m conservative leaning.”

Other local Elon community members remain nonaligned in these early stages of the forthcoming election.

“I have done some research and I feel positively neutral towards her,” said Erin Valentine, Elon Class of 2015. “I’m not sure if I would vote for her, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her as president.”

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